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according to the clients request

resin tube
length type package/carton MOQ(PCS)
25mm straight 5000 5000
27mm straight 5000 5000
30mm straight 5000 5000

hard pipe
length material type function package/carton MOQ(PCS)
13.7cm steel straight connecting 1000pcs 5000

sharp head grease coupler
length material hex package/carton MOQ(PCS)
27mm steel 12mm 2000pcs 10000
35mm steel 11mm 2000pcs 10000
37mm steel 13mm 2000pcs 10000
40mm brass 11mm 2000pcs 10000
41mm brass 13mm 2000pcs 10000
42mm brass 14mm 2000pcs 10000

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