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Grease Nipple Info


A grease fitting, grease nipple or Zerk fitting is a lubrication fitting used in mechanical systems to add grease with a grease gun series. The fitting is permanently installed by a threaded connection leaving a nipple connection the grease gun series attaches to. By using the pressure in the grease gun series, grease is added to the system through the grease fitting. Generally a spring-loaded steel ball is fitted to the internal side of the nipple inlet passageway to exclude dirt intrusion and function as a shutoff valve to prevent grease escaping back out of the nipple. The ball is almost flush with the surface of the nipple so it can be wiped clean to reduce the amount of debris carried with the grease into the bearing. Grease nipples are commonly made from carbon steel,stainless steel or brass.

However, in many modern applications they are falling out of use, because it has been determined by wear analyses that each new grease injection usually contains abrasive contamination, and thus service life is reduced compared to many "sealed for life" systems

Grease nipples are rarely found on consumer goods, appliances, or modern cars. They are commonly used on industrial equipment with drive shaft diameters in excess of 20 millimeters, as well as electric motors larger than 5 kilowatts. Zerk fittings, also sometimes called grease fittings, are commonly found on marine engines. Besides providing fresh lubrication, pumping grease into a Zerk fitting on a boat motor or lower unit expels moisture that would otherwise cause corrosion.

Which kind of Grease Nipples we are making now?

Mingtai Made almost all kinds of grease nipples,also called grease fitting.We have thread like NPT, BSP, BSF, UNF, UNC, METRIC, SPECIAL, DRIVE TYPE, FLUSH DRIVE TYPE, BUTTON TYPE, and Pin Type ect.

We make different material of grease nipples/grease fittings like low carbon steel with zinc plated,low carbon steel with nickel plated,brass,and stainless steel.

Anyway,we can make all the grease nipples customer need.OEM is acceptable in our factory.

What’s The Packing We Use For Grease nipple?

There are normally two packing,polybag packing or box packing.Polybag packing also called bulk packing,which is simple packing,250pcs or 500pcs per bag.Box packing we can make according to customer’s design,which is 100pcs per bag and then into small box.Besides,we also make grease nipple set like 110pc,70pc,50pc,32pc ect which is put into handy plastic box.We use strong outer carton for grease nipples, each carton not more than 25kg to protect the products during shipment.